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houghts for a "Buffalo Bushido" trailer began to percolate during the color correction phase at Deluxe Toronto when McGennis was able to view the conformed picture with finished animation on the big screen. "Short form is an art form in itself," states McGennis, "there are so many different interpretations when it comes to condensing a film into a two minute trailer. I wanted to include all of the key elements of Buffalo Bushido and still tease with the trappings of a dramatic thriller." After the color correction, McGennis went back to the scanned negative to conform an edited trailer. The file was so huge that it then had to be compressed in order to play over the internet.

This trailer is the first ever made for "Buffalo Bushido". Besides being created for the growing "Bushido" fan base, McGennis wanted to assist the film's marketing outreach with its festival premiere targeted for the second half of 2009 as well as it presentation to potential distributors. "I want to showcase the ensemble cast, not merely for name value, but because this is where the film really draws its strength. Catching a glimpse of each character is very entertaining like mister creepy Bruce Glover and loose cannon John Savage. We also get a real, uncensored sense of the struggle of the story coming out through Leila Arcieri and Jesse L. Martin. Sprinkling in bits of animation lets folks know that there is a whole other layer to the film which underpins its state-of-mind perspective. Finally, having a chance to thread both the Japanese score with the Funkadelic soundtrack is a great opportunity to indicate the duality in the main character Davis' mind. What is going on home in Buffalo and what is going on his head."

While it is possible that a new trailer could be on the horizon when "Buffalo Bushido" finds distribution (when a marketing team adds their two cents), it is very cool to see a trailer brought to life from the filmmaker's own mind. Like the poster, this first "Buffalo Bushido" trailer is McGennis stepping back and letting us know how he sees his own work in short form. It is truly a craft to create an engaging trailer from a finished work. Distilling the essence of the film while keeping the audience wanting more. Having taken "Buffalo Bushido" from a seedling idea to a feature film, McGennis seizes the opportunity to come full circle by deconstructing his finished work down to a trailer for us all to enjoy